• Technical Features of San Roque Hydro Power Plant
  • San Roque Power Corporation

    The San Roque Power Corporation is responsible for the operations of the power-generating facility and the maintenance of the entire San Roque Multipurpose Project.

  • San Roque Multipurpose Project

    Through the San Roque Multipurpose Project, water in the San Roque Reservoir is able to deliver the benefits of farmland irrigation, the provision of peaking power, flood attenuation, and the improvement of water quality.

  • San Roque Hydroelectric Power Plant

    The San Roque Hydroelectric Power Plant has an installed capacity of 435 MW and annually produces approximately 1,000GWh of renewable peaking energy.

  • SRPC and the Community

    Sustaining its social license to operate is the norm for SRPC by engaging stakeholders for community development while continuing to provide reliable electricity as energy demand peaks nationwide.